Anne ,

We are excited to inform you that 314 Action Fund's board has decided to officially endorse your campaign for 2020. We are delighted by the opportunity to elect a STEM candidate in your race and we look forward to working with you to help win your race.

As a 314 Action Fund endorsed candidate we will promote your candidacy to our network of over 2 million STEM advocates. We plan to announce a batch of endorsements this afternoon and will promote your candidacy on our website, in social media and in the press. We will link to your campaign on our website where our members can connect with your campaign. In addition, we will promote your candidacy on social media alongside our other endorsed candidates. 


We encourage you to use the 314 Action Fund endorsement and logo in your campaign advertising, field interactions and other communications with voters where it would be helpful. Once we announce the endorsements on social media this afternoon, please also feel free to promote the endorsement on your own.

Again, we're excited to endorse your campaign and look forward to working with you on this campaign and beyond.


Joshua Morrow
Executive Director, 314 Action Fund



On behalf of Montana Conservation Voters, we are pleased to endorse your candidacy for House District 51. 


Our endorsement is based on your commitment to protecting Montana's clean air and water, and our rich outdoor heritage. 


As you know, Montana Conservation Voters is the political voice of Montana’s conservation and environmental communities. We will inform our members and the broader conservation and environmental community in your district of our endorsement, and urge them to vote for you and support your campaign as well.

Montana Conservation Voters’ members and staff look forward to working with you in your campaign. I have cc'd MCV Deputy Director Whitney Tawney in this email. She will be your point of contact with our organization. Please refrain from contacting me or Aaron Murphy for firewall reasons. 


I have attached a few logos that you can use in any campaign material. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Whitney Tawney.



FNF logo blue (4).png

Dear Anne, 


It is with great pride that I am writing to you today.  Your candidacy has been endorsed by the Montana State AFL-CIO. Our endorsement of your campaign will be listed on our website and will be promoted among union membership. 


The Montana State AFL-CIO supports and advocates competitive salaries, working conditions, and human, civil, and political rights for all working men and women everywhere they may be employed in Montana.


In order to realize this mission, the Montana State AFL-CIO;  works to organize working men and women at every worksite, secure and maintain collective bargaining rights for all working men and women, protect and enhance job opportunities wherever they may exist, solicit and secure the affiliation of all Montana public and private sector labor unions, develop and maintain a working legislative program outlining specific AFL-CIO objectives, promote and defend the AFL-CIO legislative program through concerted political action including candidate recruitment and support including lobbying and ballot issue government, and emphasize that Montana’s economy and quality of life cannot grow sufficiently without quality worker education, organization, involvement, and accountability in the marketplace of economic and political ideas.


We are happy to have you among the ranks of politically active, socially responsible leaders.  Please contact our Communications Director, Andrew Linton, at or (406) 442-1708 if you have questions or would like to add a photo or information to our website posting.  We have also provided an endorsement button for digital communications.  I look forward to working with you through this election season.




Adam Haight 

Political Director

Montana AFL-CIO 

Cell: 661-345-1056



Adam Haight 

Political Director, Montana AFL-CIO 

Cell: 661-345-1056