Montana has one of the oldest median age populations in the country.  Young people are leaving the state and moving to where they can find good paying jobs.  Mining and agriculture are no longer attractive fields for young people.  Young families are a huge resource for our state!  We want to enjoy their vibrant participation in our economy and the rejuvenation they can provide for our future!


We need to recruit companies and industry that will pay excellent wages, bring young families to our state and help rejuvenate our state! 


We can do this by offering economic incentives to new businesses, making our communities appealing to young families by improving the quality of

  1. public education,

  2. creating attractive affordable communities

  3. preserving our recreational areas. 

Here in Yellowstone county, healthcare accounts for more than 20% of our GDP.  We have two excellent hospitals and 3 colleges.  We can work for even more growth using our currently present healthcare tech industry.  We can capitalize on our strengths to make Montana a great place to live. 

Strong Economy & Good Paying Jobs

Create New Affordable, Attractive Neighborhoods

Young people can revitalize our economy and provide new resources, skilled labor, family demographic and greater GDP.  

   Improve Montana Education

Organize and properly provide and direct financial support from residential, business other sources to improve Montanans quality of life through public education.

 Improve Montana Public Lands

Continue to value and care for the natural resource that makes Montana so amazing; its public land.