Wage Equality & Women's Rights

            In 2020 there is absolutely no reason why woman are still making less then men are for doing the same work.  A woman made  $.79 for every $1.00 that a man made in 2019.  For indigenous and/or woman of color the wage gap is much larger.  It is not just wages.  Woman get smaller bonuses and smaller 401k Matches.  This rolls on down throughout a woman’s career and at the time of retirement, women get less pension and social security income.

Women need equal pay for equal work.  In Montana, we can legislate that larger companies report their gender pay gap and that data can be made public knowledge.  Previous wage information should be safeguarded as private and employees should be allowed to share wage information if they choose.  Employers can be more transparent and forthright in their wage offerings to new hires.

In addition to equal pay for equal work we need to protect a woman’s right to privacy and her ability to make her own healthcare decisions. 


Individuals' bodies can and should always be protected from government intrusion.