Letter to the editor:

MacDonald, Giuliano deserve votes

May 6, 2020

Please support and vote for Margie MacDonald in Senate District 26, and Anne Giuliano in House District 51. As HD 51 is within SD 26, these legislators would be able to accomplish a lot working together. MacDonald is an experienced legislator who has worked hard to represent the people of her senate district, and previously those of her house district. Giuliano is a physician, and as a new legislator will work with MacDonald to continue provide and improve access to affordable health care for Montanans. She will join MacDonald in working to provide quality education for K-12 and college students. They will work to make taxes fairer for senior citizens, small businesses, and families. MacDonald and Giuliano support building a robust energy production portfolio across Montana which includes reliance on renewable energy as well as conventional forms of energy. They are both strong supporters of Montana’s public lands, both state and federal, and will work to protect Montana’s outdoor heritage and our access to public lands for hunting, fishing, and recreation. And finally, MacDonald and Giuliano will be diligent in monitoring issues that affect the welfare of women and children.

MacDonald has been an effective legislator, in part because she is willing to reach across the aisle to reach common ground on legislation when possible. I believe Giuliano will do the same, and will be an able member of the House of Representatives. They deserve our support. Please vote for them in June and again in November.

Tom Tully



Letter to the editor: Elect Giuliano to represent HD 51

May 22. 2020

Elect Anne Giuliano, candidate for House District 51. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to meet and talk with Giuliano. She is a breath of fresh air. Yes, Giuliano is impressive with her medical degree, her business skills, her sincerity, and her pleasant demeanor. Since COVID-19, it seems suddenly clear to me: I am safer if my neighbor has health care. Giuliano is in favor of including more people in our health care system. The more people who have health care, the safer we all are.

In hindsight, it would have been a good investment to have provided health care. This pandemic is killing a lot of people, costing us a lot of money and doing a lot of damage in many different ways. Women have been overlooked all too often as potential lawmakers. Giuliano is an excellent choice to address that deficiency. Elect Anne for House District 51. Check her schedule and maybe you could meet her — it would be fun.

Nancy Gammill