Affordable, Attractive Community


    Keeping housing affordable, attractive and our neighborhoods safe is tantamount to keep our economy growing.  Housing for newly independent young adults and working families is a priority.  Young adults and working families provide the vibrant growth for our state!  We need to make a more focused effort to keep this demographic by providing incentives for builders to be cost effective AND create attractive, beautiful communities.

Housing and affordable options for seniors is also part of this picture.  My mom moved to Billings in 2016 and we struggled to help her find appropriate housing within her fixed budget. Towards the end of her life, I saw all components of the care that our elders need, and it is expensive!  We need a reasonable option that seniors might be able to more practically afford and were they will be able to receive loving care.  We can do better for both our young people who build our population, and our seniors who have given us the opportunity to be here in the first place!